$100.00 - $175.00

1st limited edition of 27 prints numbered and signed
studio seconds, unnumbered, signed
4 color woodblock print
Crane's Lettra 100% cotton rag paper 300GSM

Warm waves of sound emanate from a singer, in patterns of transparent color. Yellow, magenta and blue woodblocks overlap in fat, satisfying bands to make a total of 7 colors. The singer in black overlaps all, anchoring and giving some narrative to the composition. In my opinion, one of my most satisfying prints to date.

It was a good print run, but as always, there were some prints that got scuffed in the process, or where the ink coverage was more or less, and these make up a small set of signed, unnumbered studio seconds, which in my opinion are still quite worthy. These are available through the drop down option button below.