Hello Good People!

I am a woodcut printmaker interested in telling a story in a single image.

Woodcut is a very exciting medium to work in.  It’s limitations are it’s strengths: there’s NO undo button, and you want to work with as few colors as possible, because each color means carving a new block.  This forces one to do MORE with LESS.

At 15, I started working in a print shop.  Today, laying out images and figuring out how they could be printed is in my DNA.  I got all the old world print training just as those methods went out of common use, and so I have a foot in the past and a foot in the future.

Around the same time, I started doing posters for friends’ bands, and I’ve kept it up.   Lately I’ve been transitioning from working for others, to simply working as a woodcut printmaker.


There's nothing like that first moment of rolling the ink on the block.   You may THINK you know how it's going to turn out, but there's always some surprise!

Each block is hand-drawn, and then hand-carved.   A different block for each color, properly lined up, creates the color images as they are inked up and run through the etching press!

PRINTING (this makes it look quick and easy, but there are always problems to solve!)


The best way to see what I'm up to these days is to FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for the latest from the studio.

I ship worldwide, via USPS, satisfaction guaranteed. Seriously. I'll even pay return shipping, though this hasn't (knock wood) happened yet. Ask me about WHOLESALE or GALLERY PRICING.