Curriculum Vitae

Peter Nevins

Portland, OR 
Born: 1968, United States

Artistic Focus: Woodcut relief prints / songwriting

• Carving relief art since 2001
• Two extensive European tours as a troubadour
• Extensive work in the field of music related art
• Self-employed as an artist since 2005

(Commissions are very rare for me these days, as my own art is keeping me busy)
Estate of Allen Ginsberg
Songwriter Gillian Welch, extensive
Songwriter Anaïs Mitchell, extensive
Current Broadway Production of “Hadestown”
Penguin Books, cover for ‘Fusion’ by Kate Richards, 2019
New Line Cinemas Austin Power style guide
Uncounted record covers, etc.

Grammy Nomination in album packaging 2011, “Hadestown,” by Anaïs Mitchell
Cover art for 2020 Grammy winning album "All The Good Times" by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

Archived in the Collections of:
The New England Folk Music Archives, Boston
Healdsburg History Museum, Healdsburg, CA