Cross the River On the Backs of the Salmon


3 Color Woodcut Print
22"x28" Inches
Limited Edition of 150 Prints, signed and numbered.
Warm White Crane's %100 Cotton Rag paper

"Once You Could Cross the River On the Backs of the Salmon." I first heard this phrase from a First Nations storyteller and the vision for the print came so clear and quick, I knew it would make a good print. This is the mighty Columbia River, with the Salmon heading upstream, as seen from the Oregon side.

There were once SO MANY SALMON they say you could cross on their backs. Nowadays, commercial fishing interests kill the species that compete for the LAST FEW SALMON, such as Cormorants (by the 100s of THOUSANDS) and Sea Lions, or commercial fishing will end.

I see this as a collaboration since it is based on a First Nations story, and therefore I give half the profits from this print to my local First Nations. They have set up crowdfunding to help them get federal recognition, which is an important step towards acknowledgement of their Treaty Rights, and that is what I will be donating to.

Cross the River On The Backs Of The Salmon from Peter Nevins on Vimeo.