read. 8"x10" studio seconds (with slight fingerprints)

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The ideal cozy reading nook.

The "pleasures" are meant to be simple reminders to do the things you love, and a kind of meditation on the different activity shown in each.

STUDIO SECONDS are slightly imperfect ones that are still good enough to hang, just not consistent with the rest of the edition. I printed these "read" ones in poor lighting and didn't notice I was picking up some kind of slight grease from the press and leaving fingerprints on the left margin of each. I've shown in the pictures the extent of the damage. They're perfect in every other way.

Printed from the two (black and red) 4x6 linoblocks it was designed on. On %100 cotton rag paper, signed and dated, in a mylar sleeve with backing board.

Very ready to frame, no mat required.