Hard Times - Official Acony Gillian Welch Songprint

Sold out

By Peter Nevins, David Rawlings, and Gillian Welch

12 5/8” x 12 5/8” Hand-Printed Letterpress print
on Forest Stewardship certified paperboard
LP record size, will fit all album cover frames.
The edition is signed and dated.

SOLD OUT from Gillian's Website.

Gillian, David, and I worked in close collaboration to create the images for Gillian’s songs. If the songs had been issued as singles, these are the “album covers that never were.”

This was Dave's idea, and the guy is literally having Hard Times, with his sweat rag and a big, "Whew!"

Staying true to the tradition of early blues singles, I have made letterpress plates and hand printed the images in 3 colors.

Printed in Portland, Oregon, 2014.